You may have a concept that calls for collaboration. Or you may have a need to rely upon our vision and experience. We have a process for each, with one goal in mind: to exceed your expectations.

The process is determining the best communication tools, styles, effects that will command audience response while delivering your brand message.

Discovery interviewDISCOVERY INTERVIEW

This is here the magic begins – finding out from you what you want to communicate, and the nature of the environment where the message is to be delivered.

Research & analysisRESEARCH & ANALYSIS

It takes a full dive, but we’re down for it. The process is this: determining the best communication tools, styles and effects that will command audience response while delivering your message, your brand, and the desired next steps in the journey.


Creation requires the trained minds, eyes and hands of the design team at work, combining the visual and functional elements that spell success at the event.


Through our proven project management processes, we involve our client through every stage of production. Xibita’s quality control mechanisms ensure close attention to detail through planning, manufacture, final staging and packing for shipment.

Support servicesSUPPORT SERVICES

You can rely on us to eliminate the worry and hassle associated with the management of your exhibit. We offer full transportation, installation, dismantling and storage services.


  • It is the customer who visits the company and not the other way around: he is willing to end up buying. It is just time to sell to him.
  • The client is available: there is no need to make an appointment; he has nothing else to do, he is predisposed to buy.
  • Customers that are very difficult to catch elsewhere attend fairs
  • In a fair, the product is king: the exhibitor must take care of the presentation of his products in detail and try to present the entire collection, including special offers.
  • The cost per fair sales contact is indisputably the lowest: in a few days, you can sell a lot to many, even to the most difficult customers.